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CROSS Business Producers (CROSS Inc.) is a global management consulting firm specializing in innovative business development and international expansion. We transform our clients into successful global business leaders who change the world through innovative solutions.


CROSS Business Producers

consulting services

We help our clients grow into successful global business leaders by bringing innovative solutions, diversity and eye-opening values to the world.

Global Locations

Global Locations

CROSS Global Offices

Tokyo, Seoul and Paris

CROSS Global Partners

Dubai, India, China and Ethiopia

Cross has our own international offices in Tokyo, Seoul and Paris. We also partner up with other global consultation firms, venture capital firms, and research institutions to offer efficient and comprehensive solutions to build successful international business leadership.


Re-launched our site.
Introduced new brand identities.
Released latest Message from President for 2013.
Launched Discussion Lab, a new discussion space for creating innovative future visions.
Launched Totsukawa Global Leadership Development Program, in partnership with Totsukawa Village, Nara.
Started partnership with Waseda University Asian Service Business Research Institute.