The World’s Engine for the Innovation-Everyone to be the Business Professionals-

CROSS Business Producers (CROSS Inc.) is
a global management consulting firm specializing in
innovative business development and international expansion.

We transform our clients into successful global business leaders who change the world through innovative solutions.



CROSS Business Producers, has been selected as 「5 Best Management Consulting Firms to Watch 2022」 by The Silicon Review. Please read it on the cover story of the special issue of the magazine.
Our President, Kotoba Miki, as one of the winners of the leadership category of “Marketing 2.0”, will be joining as a speaker at the upcoming Conference in Dubai, 2022.
The latest version of “Future Story Book 2050” has been uploaded!
Our President, Kotoba Miki, has been selected as the Most Inspiring Japanese Entrepreneurs of the 2021 by APAC Entrepreneur. Please read it on the cover story of the special issue of the magazine.
APAC Entrepreneur Cover Story “Kotoba Miki: Inspiring Japanese Business Ecosystems and Society to Grow and to Flourish”
Launched 10th Anniversary teaser site!


“Creating Glogal Businesses” is the mission we have set for the year 2014.
Our goal is to help create unique and successful businesses across and the globe.
We aim to encourage each and every person to use their full strength to help build a financial sustainable business.
Oct.3.2013 President Kotoba Maki