Kotoba MIKI


Strategic Leader for World-Changing Innovations

Kotoba MIKI specializes in business development and international expansion utilizing innovative technology. Through her previous work at consulting firms in and out of Japan, Kotoba witnessed Japanese companies grow less and less competitive in the global market. To change the trend, Kotoba founded CROSS Business Producers in October, 2011, with the mission to introduce more innovative businesses from Japan to the world. Since then, Kotoba has engaged in a great number of business development projects as the project leader in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. As a strategic leader, her rich experience in the field helps her quickly establish the most efficient path to building a successful business and achieve the client’s mission.

Kotoba earned a BA in International Business and Marketing, MBA, and a Ph.D. from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. Among her experiences as a student, an internship at CNN Tokyo, best prepared her for the career she was about to embark on. After working for Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture), Fujitsu Limited, and Fujitsu Research Institute, she launched CROSS Business Producers (CROSS Business Producers, Inc.). A member of the Japan Academy of International Businessess Studies and the Academy of International Business, Kotoba is also the president of kotobaworks, Inc, a subsidiary of CROSS Business Producers.
Why kotoba

Commitment to …
– Achieving a successful result
– Challenging orthodoxy and acting on innovation
– Building incrementaly from 0 to 100
– Creating an environment where every team members individual talents can shine through
– Traveling the world to connect, with integrity, to a diverse range of people