Business Produce 360°’s Service

With our scenario planning approach for creating innovation at the core of our services, we select the most effective services for our clients’ business from our primary and secondary service menus. Our service menus cover all 360 degrees of business development, from planning, onwards.


Innovation Scenario
We work with our clients to set a clear business goal, and develop scenarios to accomplish this goal through innovative business practices. This menu includes the various tasks required to build fundamental business strategies for an innovative and succesful business.


Business Strategy
We offer strategic solutions for our clients’ new business including determining the target market, designing the product and/or service, pricing, team-building, and financial planning.
Global Strategy
For successful international expansion, we assist our clients aith building a strong project team and corporate culture among their international branches and partners, which transcends language, culture, and organization. We help their businesses establish a financial flow and grow into a high-performing enterprise on a global scale.
Change Makers
Developing powerful Change Makers is essential to generating innovative businesses. We create a unique model of transformational elements for each client based on their culture and strengths, and help nurture these elements in their business.
Product Design
We seek to bring both innovation and business potential into our clients’ product design. Our product design service covers a wide scope of design and marketing including market selection, market trend prediction, design selection, public relations, production, team building, etc.


a “Project X”
We help our clients to create a business successful enough to be featured on the Japanese documentary show, “Project X,” which focuses on the greatest Japanese business achievements.
Advantage Building
We offer in-depth analysis of our clients’ culture and assets and extensive research on their competitors so they can rediscover their own values and build competitive advantages in their business.
Target Market
One of the keys to successful international expansion is to determine whether it is necessary to localize a business or establish global standards for every branch at the initial stage. Our fit/gap analysis and target analysis provide the essential information for our clients.
Future Forecasting
To create effective mid- and long-term strategies, we offer our clients future forecasting and guidance into predicting future trends. We also collaborate with the Institute for the Future (IFTF), a Silicon-Valley-based think tank that specializes in future forecasting, to create a future map upon request.
Alliance Partner>
We find and introduce our clients to allies and potential partners across regions and industries who will be best able to help accomplish their business goals. We also select promising investment destinations.
Financial Planning
In addition to regular financial planning menus such as revenue and cost planning and break even analysis, we offer strategic solutions on pricing, business models, etc. based on our extensive experience and knowledge in business development.
Localization Scenario
To ensure successful international expansion of our clients’ business, we conduct field research, build marketing strategies, and provide public relations services.
Human Resource Strategy
We help our clients determine the necessary skills for the project’s success, select project members, and reform the organizational structure to create the best possible scheme for the new enterprise.
Project Management
We offer project management assistance with scheduling, task management, business operating management, and more. When launching a new project, it is typical to have conflicts within and outside the organization. In such cases, we will assist smooth communication and ensure the project’s steady progress.