Our approach to create and develop innovative businesses typically involves the following four steps.

Step 1. eyeOpen
What’s happning in the world? How you can you contribute?
In this first step, we help our clients fully understand the unique values and assets they can offer to the market. This often includes field trips and networking opportunities with professionals from various domains, through which our clients gain new perspectives. Through this step, project members gain understanding of the meaning of the project and begin to share a sense of commitment that is essential for the project’s success.
Step 2. Concept Design
After the eyeOpening stage, our clients begin to identify issues of the world in need of solutions. In this step, we discuss ways to solve critical issues and design a powerful concept of a new enterprise.
Step 3. Scenario Plan
Based on the concept developed, we begin to build comprehensive scenarios and strategies for improving the business, building competitive advantages, marketing, etc. With our extensive experience and knowledge in strategy planning, we assist our clients in choosing the most effective strategies to compete in the global market.
Step 4. Monetize
In this last step, we, with our clients aim to monetize the concept and plans developed in the previous stages of the project. To this end, we build compreshensive action plans which, through the PDCA process, we strengthen into a secure foundation for the success of the business.