KOYO Murata


Expert in linking people through the recognition of their outstanding talents.

As a director, KOYO MURATA finds joy in discovering the unique values of the individuals and places which become the core project. This is often an eye-opening experience to both the project members and the target audience. His outstanding ability to create a strong culture and ignite motivation among the project members has brought many projects to success. He also has an excellent knack for finding the best designers for product development projects.

Graduate of Keio University SFC with a degree in Policy
Management, Koyo has worked for a major apparel manufacturer
and taken up several design projects as a freelancer before
joining CROSS Business Producers. At Keio University,
Koyo studied under the world renowned industrial designer,
Naoki Sakai, and was involved in the development of the
IT-operated White Cane for the Blind, from planning to production.
Why Koyo
Koyo ?

– Respect for the harmony of a shared vision between individuals
– Striving to address unfairness and inequality
– A love for his home town of Yokohama
– Passionate about humanity