Since the inception of Cross, Inc. in 2011, we have dedicated ourselves to helping businesses and organizations thrive on their own unique assets and bringing more diversity to the world.

We believe the word “consulting” does not cover the scope of work we aspire to do. We are here to “design” individuals, businesses, and society to effectively maximize the potential and value there is. I am very proud and delighted to note that many of our clients have expressed the joy of experiencing eye-opening moments where they realized the true value of their assets through our services.
Looking back, I feel extremely grateful for our wonderful clients and partners in and out of the nation who have joined us in the journey to build an outstanding global firm with a distinctive culture, and even more excited about what to come in the future.
As a team of professionals, we will never cease to believe in our clients and do everything in our power to bring out the best of our clients through our “designing.”

Oct. 3, 2013
Kotoba MIKI